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Farm Table is a Hudson Valley Private Chef “Drop-Off” meal service.  Farm Table brings the new farm to table movement one step closer to home by delivering gorgeous healthy meals weekly to the comfort of your own table, prepared lovingly with local seasonal ingredients.

Our meals are elegant in their simplicity, our homemade recipes utilize the rich and bountiful Hudson Valley farms natural and organic ingredients.  We believe that delicious taste start with healthy simple and clean ingredients, our cooking style celebrates what nature does best highlighting flavorful natural foods.

Farm Table Catering provides a fresh alternative to traditional catering, emphasizing delicious unique ingredients and food that is sumptuous in its purity.

Farm Table creates a suggested weekly menu on the website designed to inspire you.  These meals may be requested with as little as 48hrs notice.  Allow Farm Table to provide you and your loved ones with simply delicious and healthy meals!

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The weekender loves Farm Table. The weekender comes upstate to find our foods beautifully packed in the fridge with a lovely menu and cooking instructions.  Our service takes away all the stress and time of grocery shopping and menu planning. When weekenders have a limited time and want to enjoy the Hudson Valley they use Farm Table to bring luxury and comfort to their homes.  Our service allows for weekenders to easily entertain guests with delicious and healthy prepared meals with foods grown at our local Hudson Valley farms.

The localvore loves Farm Table. Farm Tables menus are always planned around the local growing season. 

Families love Farm Table’s weekly meal drop-off.  Farm Table’s monthly meal plan allows family’s the valuable time to relax with each other around healthy, comforting meals that everyone in the family will enjoy. 

The entertainer loves Farm Table.  Farm Table delivers elegance with ease allowing the party to be what it is intended to be, delightful!

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