Chef Gianni Iacono was born and raised in Sicily. His earliest, fondest memories are of Sunday meals with his family. The meals were all-day affairs, beginning at the kitchen table where several generations of women made breads and pastas by hand, as the men worked outdoors preparing their freshly grown garden ingredients for sauces. Next, his grandmother would appear, bearing one of her chickens, or an uncle would deliver a freshly caught fish. These ritual meals stretched over many hours, filling not only Iacono’s stomach, but also his mind--with delicious memories.

Sadly, when Iacono moved to New York City in 99’, he discovered that the pace of life didn’t allow for the languidly prepared, homemade meals he loved. When it came to shopping, he found only huge supermarkets, where foods wrapped in plastic had been shipped in from faraway lands. But a few years later, after settling upstate in Hudson, New York, Iacono was able to reconnect with both his agricultural roots and love of simple, hand-crafted meals. After working as a private chef alongside his wife Breeze for several years, Iacono launched Farm Table, a food delivery business that supports local Hudson Valley farms while providing gourmet, prepared meals that families can enjoy together, just as his once did.

Chef Dawn Breeze has always had a passion for creating; making art and creating inspired food has been her livelihood for as long as she can remember. Her career as a private chef began in 2001 after working as a chef at a five star restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard. Her first job entailed flying to a private residence for a week to create family meals with a luncheon for the Clinton’s, after this culinary initiation everything was a breeze. Her style has developed over the years, specializing in creative and comforting prepared meals for ‘Drop-off’. All of Breezes meals are artfully prepared with an emphasis on the beauty of natures freshest and healthiest ingredients. She has been serving clients in the Hudson Valley, NYC, Westchester and Martha’s Vineyard for over 11yrs.

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